Glass columns

Scale-up and visibility

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When purification has to be scaled up, the glass columns offer maximum flexibility in terms of scale and separation requirements. High performance separations can be performed at a pressure up to 50 bar (725 psi) at the highest safety level.

  Benefits :-
•  Ensured separation efficiency with easy packing methods
•  Fast purification on columns working at a pressure up to 50 bar
•  No loss of efficiency thanks to minimized dead volumes
•  Any separation scale up with a free choice of sorbent material
•  Broad range of sizes (ID 15 – 100 mm and length 100 – 920 mm)
•  Isolation of your biomolecules on biocompatible plunger columns
•  Sample load up to 370 g
•  Designed for high pressure rating
•  No exposure of user to silica material
•  User protection maximized with plastic-coated glass columns

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