GL 45 Stirred Reactor

materials used PP/PTFE/PEEK/stainless steel

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•    Available separately or with bottle.
•   Drive with standard magnetic stirres up to 500 rpm.
•   Fully autoclavable
•   Multi-connector cap is compatible with the proven DURAN connection systems; tubing with 1.6 mm to 6.0 mm bores can be used to add or remove liquid or gas.
•   Parts in contact with media conform to FDA requirements.
•   Self contained stirring system ideal for mixing processes.
•   Significantly improved mixing performance compared to standard magnetic stirring bars.
•   Stirrer shaft can be adjusted to the optimal position in either a 500 or 1,000 ml DURAN GL 45 bottles.
•   Typical applications: mixing chemicals, media or cultures in the DURAN GL 45 laboratory bottle.

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