GL 45 Screw Cap

with 2 hose connectors

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•   An optional venting connector is available with, or without a syringe filter.
•   Fully autoclavable and washer-proof.
•   GL45 cap connection system for the easy connection of flexible tubing to the DURAN GL45 bottles.
•   Grey polypropylene cap center rotates freely, allowing the bottle to be unscrewed without the need to disconnect the tubing.
•   Highly versatile as the screw cap is based on the standard GL 45 thread.
•   The two polyproplylene connectors have angled top and straight underside connectors.
•   The cap is ideal for use with soft elastic tubing that has an inner diameter of 6 – 9 mm (such as Viton®, Tygon®, or other silicone tubing).
•   The angled top connectors prevent kinks in the tubing.
•   Temperature resistant up to +140 °C.
•   Typical applications: Possible biotech applications include the transfer of sterile media from one container to another using a peristaltic pump.

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