Frontier® PPH™

Fully Polypropylene Fume Hood

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The Frontier PPH® Fume Hood provides the highest level of protection and containment against highly corrosive chemicals. Full polypropylene (PP) interior makes the hood metal-free and ideal for sensitive work such as trace metal analysis. PP also has an excellent rating against corrosion and chemical staining.

Key Benefits :-  

•   5 degree sloped front
•   Excellent aesthetics
•   High energy savings
•   Suitable for metal sensitive work
•   Superior containment at 0.5m/s
•   Unique perforated baffle design

  Features :-
•   Full PP internal chamber : Internal liner and worktop is made of ivory-white polypropylene material which is easy to clean. PP also has excellent rating against staining.
: PP is stress-relieved for maximum durability & resistance against bending.
•   Polycarbonate Sash : Ideal for applications that involve the use of Hydrofluoric Acid to prevent fogging or etching.
•   Optional Wash Down System : As an added safety feature, the PPH fume hood can be ordered with a built-in wash down system to wash off any build-up of chemical salts (explosive) within the chamber.
•   Tapered Exhaust Collar : Helps reduce airflow turbulence, static pressure loss and noise level. It also enhances face velocity uniformity.

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