Perchloric Acid Fume Hood

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Esco Frontier® Perchloric Acid™ Fume Hood is designed to be used for routine handling of hot perchloric acid and hot nitric acid. However, it is not advisable for applications involving sulphuric acid, acetic acid, organic solvents or any combustible materials. When heated, perchloric acid vaporizes and condenses to form metallic perchlorates on hood, duct and fan components. In addition to being highly corrosive, condensed vapors can react with hood gaskets, greaser and collected materials to form explosive perchloric salts. To prevent the formation of these salts, the fume hood has a built-in scrubber system that will clean the ducting and hood with series of water sprays.

 Key Benefits :-

•   Built in wash down system
•   5 degree sloped front
•   Excellent aesthetics
•   High energy savings
•   Smooth coved corners
•   Superior containment at 0.3m/s
•   UL classified

  Features :-
•   Dedicated Wash down System : Wash down system behind baffles washes away any perchlorate salt deposits on the baffles.
: Water pump system ensures water pressure is constant during the wash down process.
•   Sentinel™ XL (Optional) : Provides additional safety by alerting user if the fume hood operates outside the recommended face velocity.
: Lower face velocity may compromise user safety.
•   Stainless Steel Internal Chamber : Constructed from stainless steel with coved corners & seamless design for easy cleaning of surface from perchloric salts.
: Stainless steel does not react with perchloric acid.
: For applications that involve the use of both hydrochloric and nitric acid (aqua regia) in conjunction with perchloric acid, the use of a polypropylene (PP) internal chamber isrecommended.
•   Tri-wall Construction Coated with Isocide™ : Built for maximum robustness and for long term chemical abrasion & weathering resistance.

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