Frontier® Mono™

General Purpose Laboratory Fume Hood

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The Frontier® Mono™ fume hood is the most basic of all Esco ducted fume hoods with a single wall construction designed for a fully maximized internal work zone. This hood is generally applicable for common laboratory applications such as boiling, evaporation, drying and other applications that emits noxious fumes and vapors.

Key Benefits :-

•   Clean looking aesthetics
•   High performance
•   UL classified

Features :-
•   Aesthetics and Ergonomic Design : Complementary neutral white with blue accent blends the hood with any casework, metal or wood.
•   Aerodynamic Foil Entry : Grade 304 SS airfoil safely ventilates fumes generated towards the back of the hood for superior operator protection.
: Helps reduce turbulence and eliminate airflow.
•   Designed for Safety & Optimum Performance : Certified according to ANSI/ ASHRAE 110-1995 standard, assuring you of a safe & reliable laboratory fume hood.
: Has a vertical-rising sash with Isocide™ constructed of tempered glass with fail-safe counterbalanced mechanism.
: More savings with its energ efficient hood lighting.
•   Single Wall Construction with Isocide™ : Constructed of EG steel & aluminum with Isocide™ powder coating for maximum corrosion resistance.
: Single wall design provides a fully maximized internal work zone.
•   Superstructure Design : Internal liner and baffle system is made of phenolic resin laminates for durability & corrosion resistance.
: Removable baffles for easy servicing.
•   Optional Base Cabinet : Has built-in dished black phenolic res in laminate tabletop, four electrical socket outlets & polypropylene drip cup.

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