Frontier® DUO™

General Purpose Laboratory Fume Hood

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The Esco Frontier® Duo™ Fume Hood is an upgraded version of its predecessors representing design and engineering innovations that are at the forefront of fume hood technology.

It has a rugged dual wall construction offering a much robust design that allows service fixtures and electrical outlets to be mounted on both sides of the wall.

Key Benefits :-

•   ASHRAE 110 certified
•   Clean looking aesthetics
•   8 degree sloped front of sash
•   UL classified

  Features :-
•   Dual Wall Construction Coated with Isocide™ : Made of EG steel with hybrid Isocide™ powder coating for long term chemical abrasion & weathering resistance.
•   Elegant Aesthetics : Complementary color scheme Coated with Isocide™ (neutral white with blue accents) blends the hood with any casework, metal or wood. Enhanced visibility with minimal glare and reflections.
: Color temperature is tuned to provide a gentle and comfortable work environment for the user.
•   Built-in Worktop : Dished worktop provides spill retention and is made of phenolic resin, a highly corrosion-resistant material.
•   Perfect Pitch Profile : 8° sloping of the front sash allows users to work further into the hood without strain.
: Enhanced visibility with minimal glare and reflections.
•   SentinelTM Silver Microprocessor (Optional) : Provides audible and visual alarms for low airflow and/ or unsafe sash positions.
: Supervises hood functions such as hood airflow.

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