Acid Digestion Fume Hood

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Esco Frontier® Acid Digestion™ Fume Hood is a high performance low flow fume hood designed to handle concentrated acids at high temperatures. This specialized fume hood can be built with unplasticized polyvinylchloride (u-PVC) or polypropylene (PP) internal surfaces which are known for their superior chemical resistance. Sash is made up of polycarbonate material to prevent etching caused by Hydrofluoric Acid.

 Key Benefits :-

•   ASHRAE 110 and EN 14175 compliance assures maximum operator safety.
•   5° angled front of the sash reduces glare and reflection for operator comfort.
•   Full uPVC or PP interior for excellent chemical resistance and avoid immediate corrosion.
•   Superior containment at 0.3 m/s results to high energy savings.

  Features :-
•   Ergonomic Polycarbonate Sash : Excellent choice for applications involving the use of acids such as hydrofluoric acid to prevent fogging or etching.
: Sash key lock feature allows laboratory managers to restrict access in the fume hood.
: With sash stop feature that regulates movement beyond 457 mm (18”) to maintain a safe working condition for the user.
•   Sentinel™ XL Airflow Alarm (Optional) : An airflow monitoring device designed to monitor face velocity in real time.
: Generates an alarm if the face velocity is not within safe limits ensuring safety to all operators.
•   Tri-Wall Construction Coated with Isocide™ : Built for maximum robustness, long term chemical abrasion & weathering resistance.
•   U-PVC or PP Internal Chamber : Designed to withstand reaction from strong and corrosive acids.

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