Frontier® ACELA™

High Performance Fume Hood

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The Esco Frontier® Acela™ Fume Hood is a high performance, low flow fume hood engineered for safety, performance and energy efficiency, all combined in one multi-featured product. Its ability to operate at a reduced face velocity of 0.3 m/s allows for an exhaust volume reductions of up to 58% as compared to a conventional fume hood. This directly translates to more savings for your company.

Key Benefits :-

•   ASHRAE 110 certified/ EN14175 certified
•   5 degree sloped front
•   Excellent aesthetics
•   High energy savings
•   Superior containment at 0.3m/s
•   Unique perforated baffle design
•   UL Classified

  Features :-
•   Acela™ Shaping Vanes : Improves containment by increasing airflow “sweep” at the critical area.
•   Ergonomic Sash Handle : Gently directs air into the hood without sacrificing visibility.
•   High Sight Line : High sight line of 1803 mm (71.0”) for enhanced visibility
•   Single Wall Construction with Isocide™ : Constructed of EG steel & aluminum with Isocide™ powder coating for maximum corrosion resistance.
: Single wall design provides a fully maximized internal work zone.
•   Perfect Pitch Profile : 5° Face Pitch ergonomically allows users to work further into the hood without strain.
: Ergonomic design is anthropometrically proven.
•   Chain & Sprocket Sash Support System : The unique design provides a robust stream of bypass air into the hood cavity.
•   Tempered Fiber Glass Exhaust Collar : Enhances airflow uniformity.
•   Functionally Robust Bypass: The unique design provides a robust stream of bypass air into the hood cavity.
•   Hot Zone Baffles : The unique Hot Zone Baffle design draws most contaminants back in single pass displacement of the air. Thermal heat relief is quickly achieved.
•   Aerodynamic Foil Entry : Helps reduce turbulence and eliminate backflow.
: Provides maximum airflow “sweep” on the critical boundary layer.
•   Tri-wall Construction Coated with Isocide™ : Built for maximum robustness and for long term chemical abrasion & weathering resistance.

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