Fraction Collector C-660

Collect each drop of your precious sample

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Reliably collecting the separated compounds is the ultimate goal of a preparative chromatography application. The Fraction Collector C-660 collects all your samples according to time, volume or peak mode in any type of tubes or vessels.

Benefits :-
•  Adjustable height for optimal integration in your workflow
•  Choice of four collection patterns
•  Multi language user interface
•  Teach-in function for customer specific racks (regular or irregular)
•  Large collection capacity for long runs or high flow rates
•  Precise compound collection with programmable delay time
•  Proven peak detection algorithm
•  Retrieve any fraction in the requested format
•  Safe run with optional waste level sensor
•  Choose your collection mode according to time, volume or peak
•  Manual or computer control
•  Maximized purity of collected fraction with separation of peak front and tail
•  Use up to eight detector signals

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