Fluid Bed Dryer FBD 2000

Simply the most efficient method of drying samples for analysis

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A bench top unit for the rapid drying of chemicals, foodstuffs and minerals prior to sieve analysis and other tests.

•  Efficient: High rates of heat transfer ensure faster & more homogeneous drying than oven, microwave or vacuum drying.
•  Easy to use: Manageable controls with straightforward settings
•  Fast: Drying times range from a few seconds to minutes.
•  Reproducible results: Precise controls ensure uniform and reproducible results.
•  Versatile: Suitable for most granular and powder materials.

•  A multi-tub unit with 4 x 300 ml tubs is also available for drying four samples simultaneously.
•  An attachment is also available for the efficient drying of test sieves.
•  Glass tubs are particularly useful for observing the fluidisation process to establish optimum settings.
•  Single tubs come in 2 and 5 litre sizes in either stainless steel or glass.

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