Foodcare pH Electrode with Removable Sleeve


The Hanna Instruments FC2053 Foodcare pH Electrode with Removable Sleeve has a unique design that separates it from other pH electrodes used for the measurement of food products. Designed to solve the challenge of measuring the pH of food products, the FC2053 uses a unique open junction and a removable sleeve.

•  Food safe PVDF body resists harsh chemicals and fungal growth
•  Ideal for food products that have a high solids content
•  Open junction and removable sleeve resists clogging by food particles for a more accurate measurement

For use with the HI98 Series of pH Meters, the FC2053 is an amplified pH electrode with a built-in temperature sensor. This probe is designed with low temperature (LT) glass, conical bulb, food grade PVDF body, and open junction with viscolene gel electrolyte.

Unique Open Junction with Removable Sleeve
•  The FC2053 has a unique removable sleeve that is used as part of the open junction design.
•  When the readings become sluggish or erratic the sleeve is simply removed and both the sleeve and glass are cleaned.
•  After cleaning, a few drops of the HI9071 electrolyte filling gel are added and the sleeve is placed back onto the probe.
•  Having a clean probe with a fresh reference electrolyte will improve performance allowing for an extended life and reduced costs associated with frequent replacements.

  Conical Glass Tip
•  The conical shaped tip design allows for penetration into solids, semi solids, and emulsions for the direct measurement of pH in a variety of food products including meat, cheese, yogurt, and milk.

  Low Temperature Glass Formulation
•  The glass tip uses a special low temperature (LT) glass formulation with a lower resistance of approximately 50 megaohms compared to general purpose (GP)
with a resistance of about 100 megaohms.
•  This is beneficial since many food products are stored at low temperatures.

•  Polyvinylidene fluoride (PVDF) is a food grade plastic that is resistant to most chemicals and solvents used for disinfection in the food sector, including chlorine (bleach).

  Built-in Temperature Sensor 
•  The FC2053 pH electrode features a built-in thermistor temperature sensor to ensure fast, accurately compensated readings even during sudden temperature fluctuations.

Quick Connect DIN Connector
•  The FC2053 uses a Quick Connect DIN connector that makes attaching and removing the probe simple, creating a watertight connection without twisting.


    Body Material                          :  PVDF
    Reference                                :  double, Ag/AgCl
    Junction / Flow Rate               :  open
    Electrolyte                              :  gel
    Range                                     :  pH: 0 to 12
    Max Pressure                           :  0.1 bar
    Tip Shape                               :  conic (6 x 10 mm)
    Diameter                                 :  6 mm
    Body Length / Overall Length  :  75 mm / 130 mm
    Recommended Operating

Temperature                            :


0 to 50°C (32 to 122°F)

    Temperature Sensor                :  yes
    Matching Pin                           :  no
    Amplifier                                 :  yes
    Digital                                     :  no
    Compatible Meters                  :  For use with the HI9816x, HI9916x with quick connect DIN connectors
    Cable                                      :  7-pole; 1 m (3.3′)
    Connection                             :  Quick connect DIN
    Applications                            :  dairy, emulsions, milk, semi-solid foods, yogurt
    Warranty                                 :  6 months

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