Extraction Unit E-816 ECE

Economic and automated fat determination

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Perform economic fat determination in food and feed samples with the E-816 ECE (Economic Continuous Extraction). The automated continuous extraction method ensures simple method selection and easy operation. Highest solvent recovery and reduced solvent consumption guarantee cost savings.

  Benefits :-
•  Increase operator availability due to unattended process for walk-away
•  Minimal operator intervention thanks to easy sample loading
•  Quick and simple method selection thanks to intuitive solvent library
•  Low solvent consumption due to the compact design of the glass assembly
•  More than 90% recycling yields thanks to minimized solvent emission and cooled tank
Fast and Reliable
•  Automated and compliant Twisselmann extraction (according to ISO, etc.)
•  High reproducibility and reliable results thanks to continuous extraction method
•  High speed heating due to ceramic plates and individual heating zones
•  Up to four times faster compared to extractions using classical glassware

Features :-
•  Best Solvent Recovery Rates
–  Insulated tank with condenser, no unpleasant odor even with petroleum ether.
•  Clever Menu Navigation and Solvent Library
–  Easy to understand from the beginning. Choose your solvent and respective settings are loaded.
–  No time-consuming application work necessary.
•  High Speed Heating
–  Ceramic surface with integrated individual heating zones.
–  Every heating plate reaches boiling point within five minutes.
•  Economic Continuous Extraction According to Twisselmann
–  Official method for many extractions, e.g. total fat determination.
–  Low solvent consumption due to the compact design of the glass assembly.

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