Extraction System B-811 / B-811 LSV

Four compliant and versatile extraction methods

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The Extraction System B-811 / B-811 LSV enables you to running four different compliant  extraction methods: Soxhlet, Soxhlet Warm, Hot Extraction and Continuous Flow. Ideal for demanding applications in residue and contaminant analysis. The B-811 is the most efficient, versatile and expandable extraction instrument.

  Benefits :-
Flexible and Efficient
•  Combine the benefits of Soxhlet and Randall extraction in one instrument
•  Compatible with many solvents and samples
•  Reach the required detection limit thanks to 60% larger sample volume (LSV configuration)
•  Soxhlet, Soxhlet Warm, Hot Extraction and Continuous Flow on the same instrument
•  Better recoveries by drying under inert gas
•  Contamination free instrument thanks to autoclavable parts
•  No alternating blank values thanks to elimination of residual effects
Safe and Compliant
•  Full compliance achieved using the Soxhlet mode
•  Minimized solvent loss thanks to high performance condenser
•  Perfect observation of the process thanks to visible glass setup
•  Risk of burns reduced by effective shielding and heating control

Features :-
•  Compliant Soxhlet Extraction
–  Soxhlet extraction in full compliance with official methods for environmental applications or for fat determination in food and feed samples.
•  Higher Safety Standards
–  Complete tightness of joints and a protective shield guarantee excellent operator protection.
–  Cooling water, level of solvent and heat source are monitored at any time.
•  Optimized Sample Size
–  The B-811 LSV with the larger sample volume allows for higher quantities to reach the required detection limit of the analyte.
–  The main glass parts are expanded up to 60 %.
•  Sample Level Adjustment
–  Easy adjustment of the level detection sensor 1 to the sample volume for increased throughput and efficiency of the Soxhlet cycle.
•  Wide Application Spectrum
–  Use high-boiling solvents of up to 150 °C thanks to two built-in heating sources per extraction location and optimal heat transfer.
•  Working Under Fully Inert Conditions
–  All components in contact with the sample are inert.
–  Contamination of the sample is prevented as leaching of additives from sealing membranes is eliminated.

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