Enhanced UL Adapter™

Ideal for low viscosity materials

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•  Reduces measuring range to as low as 1 cP, depending on viscometer used
•  Simple attachment to a standard Brookfield Viscometer or DV3T Rheometer
•  Small sample size : 16 mL
•  Cylindrical geometry provides defined shear rates for detailed product analysis
•  Removable cap of low density polyethylene can be considered disposable for one-time use if required
•  Stainless steel parts are easily cleaned

•  Direct immersion of chamber in temperature bath is quick and easy.
•  Sample chamber is held firmly in place by the collar which provides proper alignment for the spindle rotation within the chamber.
•  Sturdy collar attaches to locating channel assembly which is connected to viscometer pivot cup.
•  Universal coupling nut on spindle ensures firm connection with viscometer and automatic self-centering of spindle in chamber during rotation.
•  Water jacket grips slide over collar and operator manually aligns the collar/jacket assembly to allow easy insertion of chamber containing sample to be tested.

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