Encapsulator B-390

For innovative microbeads and microcapsules

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The versatile system for controlled encapsulation of active ingredients and materials for laboratory-scale research and development work. The simplicity and adaptability of the device allow its use in a variety of areas – pharmaceuticals, materials, cosmetics, the food industry and agriculture.

Benefits :-
•  Efficient, reproducible encapsulation process
•  Exceptionally tight particle size distribution
•  High encapsulation efficiency and high yields
User Friendly
•  Intuitive to operate and easy to maintain
•  Quick and easy process optimization thanks to visualization of droplet formation
•  The BUCHI application database and BUCHI application support help you get the most out of working with the Encapsulator B-390
•  Choice of particle diameters between 80 μm and 4000 μm
•  Production of monodisperse microbeads and microcapsules
•  Suitable for the encapsulation of microorganisms, organic and inorganic substances

Features :-
•  Big capsules nozzle – Nozzle system for production of large core-shell capsules (dia. 2 – 4 mm) by means of drop separation process.
•  Concentric nozzle system – Concentric nozzle system for creating core-shell capsules (dia. 200 – 2000 µm).
•  Flow vibration nozzle – Airflow-assisted nozzle system for producing beads (dia. 80 – 1000 µm) from highly viscous polymers.
•  Nozzle heating – The integrated nozzle heater expands the breadth of applications. It enables the processing of melts such as wax or gelatine.

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