Dyson Airblade V

Hygienic hand dryer with 35% quieter

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  •   Aerodynamic motor package – Redesigned impeller and inner diffuser enable sound optimised airflow paths
  •   The Dyson Airblade V hand dryer’s easy-mount backplate allows for simple, sef-service installation and maintenance
  •   The design is slim, compact profile, it protrudes just 10cm from the wall. For a more spacious washroom.
•   Precision air apertures – Reduction in slot size from 0.8mm to 0.5mm reduces overall noise and maintains air velocity
•   Reprogrammed Dyson digital motor V4 – Precisely tuned to 1000W to draw less air through the machine; reducing sound from furbulence airflow paths
  •   AirbladeTM technology works differently. Every second, up to 20 litres of HEPA-filtered air are forced through opertures up to 0.55 mm wide. Creating 690 km per hour sheets of air that dry hands hygienically in just 12 seconds
•   The Noise Abatement Society tested and approved the decibel levels and sound quality of the Dyson Airblade V hand dryer – awarding it the Quiet Mark
•   The Dyson Airblade V hand dryer is quiet, hygienic, fast and compact
•   The HEPA filters installed as standard for Dyson AirbladeTM so hand are dried with cleaner air, not dirty air.
•   It has two HEPA filters, one on either side of the machine. Each filter captures 99.95% of particles the size of bacteria from the washroom air.
  •   Dyson AirbladeTM hand dryers produce up to 80% less CO2 than some other hand dryers and up to 81% less than paper towels**
  •   ** Calculated using PE International GaBi software and method developed with Carbon Trust based on 5 years use and dry times measured using Dyson test method 769 based on NSF P335 with a measurement of 0.1g residual moisture.


  •   Better for the environment – No tree cut down, no paper waste
  •   Cost less to run – Costs up to 98% less to run than paper towels
•   Fast – Hands are dried in 10 -14 seconds
•   Hygienic – HEPA filters as standard
•   5 year warranty – Parts and labour


Dyson Airblade V Tech Spec

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