DV3T™ Rheometer

The all-in-one tool for measuring viscosity and yield stress

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•  7-inch Full Color Touch Screen Display
–  New User Interface
–  Enhanced Controls
–  Real Time Graphing
–  Supports Multiple Languages
•  Displayed Info:
–  Viscosity (cP or mPa•s)
–  Temperature (°C or °F)
–  Shear Rate/Stress
–  % Torque
–  Speed/Spindle
–  Step Program Status
–  Math Model Calculations
•  Built-in math models for data analysis in stand-alone mode.
E.g. Casson, Bingham, Power Law, Thix Index
•  Enhanced Security
–  Customizable User Access
–  Date and Time Stamp File
–  Password Access
–  Portable Log-in Settings
•  Built-In Options
–  Math Modeling
–  Temperature Control
–  Yield Tests
–  Programmable QC Limits/Alarms
•  Analyze characteristics such as yield stress, flow curves (mixing, pumping, spraying), leveling and recovery
•  USB PC Interface provides optional computer control and automatic data collection capability
•  Convenient Bubble Level
•  Internal Data Storage: 150 MB
•  Integrated Temperature Control with connection to Brookfield TC series Baths and AP/SD Controllers or Brookfield Thermosel System.
•  Stand-alone programming or download custom test programs with PG Flash Software.
•  Built-in RTD Temperature Probe
•  Accuracy: ±1.0% of range
–  Displayed with test data
•  Repeatability: ±0.2%

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