DUMATHERM® Automated Protein Analysis

Efficient, rapid nitrogen determination using the DUMAS method

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   •  Combustion and analysis take 3 minutes.
   •  The unit is fully operational in 30 minutes, including a fully automatic system test and leak test.
   •  Thanks to helium technology and total gas analysis, the DUMATHERM® can determine even extremely low nitrogen content reliably and precisely.
   •  The detection limit is 0.003 mg N. Standard deviation is less than 0.5%.
   •  The DUMATHERM® can be used for the analysis of almost all sample matrices. Due to its ingenious water separation technique, the DUMATHERM® is also particularly suitable for the analysis of liquid samples. Larger samples weighing up to 1 g can be readily processed.
   •  When it comes to choice of carrier gas. Argon can be used instead of helium – depending on the type of sample.
   •  The following properties make the DUMATHERM® a particularly efficient ‘continuous combustor’: fully automated sample feed, low oxygen consumption due to stoichiometric input and rapid catalytic combustion, minimal blank values and very low maintenance costs.
   •  The DUMATHERM® is completely software-controlled and can be operated safely in any location without the need for an extractor. Gas flow, temperature, pressure (leakproofing) and valve  settings are monitored automatically.
   •  Low operating costs, long service life, low maintenance costs.
   •  The unit comprises high quality, durable components, which are partly capable of self-regeneration.

•  Complete traceability of all analysis data, such as dates, results, operator, program data, etc.
•  Different user levels with different user rights
•  Direct transfer of balance data to PC
•  Data transfer to and from LIMS systems in various file formats
•  Documentation in accordance with ISO 17025
•  In-house method libraries can be compiled
•  Printout of results of serial and individual sample analyses
•  Results database with various filter and sort functions

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