Dispensette S

Dispensette S is available in Digital, Analog-adjustable & Fixed-volume for volume adjustment

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•   Extremely easy filling and dispensing
•   Rapid and safe volume adjustment with internal scalloped track
•   Simple priming by optimized flow channels
•   Suitable for an amazingly broad range of applications, particularly for many acids, saline solutions and organic solvents.


•   A calibration flag indicates changes from factory settings.
•   Easy Calibration Technique for calibration adjustment in seconds without tools.
•   The mechanical volume setting is easy to read and ensures accurate and reproducible volume control.


•   Rapid and safe volume setting with new internal scalloped track.
•   Simple calibration adjustment with a supplied tool.


•   For standard applications.
•   Simple calibration adjustment with a supplied tool.

* Calibrated to deliver (TD, Ex). Error limits according to the nominal capacity (= maximum volume) indicated on the instrument, obtained with instrument and distilled water at
equilibrium with ambient temperature at 20 °C, and with smooth, steady operation. The error limits are well within the limits of DIN EN ISO 8655-2. DE-M marking.
A = Accuracy, CV = Coefficient of variation

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