DG Safety Cap

screw cap GL 45 with one, two or three ports

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•   All parts coming into contact with media are from PTFE1.
•   A free moving PTFE1 core prevents rotation of the hoses when screwing onto the DURAN bottle.
•   DG safety caps are also available for bottles with standard ground joint.
•   High-quality and flexible connection system, specifically designed for handling aggressive, gas-generating media.
•   Materials used: PP1, PBT1 and PTFE1
•   Outgassing of media is reduced by use of a one-way valve that decreases media loss and protects the user from vapours.
•   Optionally available with stopcock to prevent hoses running dry or air intakes during bottle changeover.
•   Pressure equalisation is possible through use of membrane filter.
•   Three different hose diameters (1.6 mm; 2.3 mm; 3.2 mm) can be connected.

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