Dehumidifier B-296

Providing stable spray drying conditions

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The Dehumidifier B-296 is the ideal accessory to condition the drying air or to work continuously with water and organic solvent mixtures. It ensures process stability and performance.

  Benefits :-
Easy to Use
•  Easy installation and set up
•  Low maintenance
•  Minimum user interaction during the process
•  Measures temperature and relative humidity of exhaust gas
•  Supply air as low as 0°C for Spray Chilling
•  Work with organic solvent and water mixtures continuously with Innert Loop B-295
Reproducible Conditions
•  Ideal for humid locations
•  Increases the drying capacity of the Spray Dryer
•  Reduces the optimization time of a formulation

Features :-
•  Functional Principle of the Dehumidifier B-296
–  Can be used to pre dehumidify the drying air before Spray Drying, like this reproducible results with the BUCHI Spray Dryers can be achieved even in humid areas.
–  Second the Dehumidifier B-296 can be used to pre chill the cooling air for Spray Chilling applications.
–  Third the Dehumidifier will allow to Spray Dry organic solvents and water mixtures.
–  In combination with one of the Spray Dryers and the Inert Loop B-295 it will remove the water from the drying gas before entering the Inert Loop B-295.

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