DBI Sala Sayfline Multi-Span Horizontal Lifeline Systems

Multi-Span Sayfline System is a simple and safe “off-the-shelf” permanent horizontal lifeline system designed for user installation


  • Customized to suit jobsite, 180 ft. (54.9 m) max length, 30 ft. (9.1 m) max span
  • Completely customizable, including span length, total system length and even final installation position
  • Provides 100% continuous protection for 2 workers
  • System includes lifeline, intermediate bracket (one per 30 ft. span), termination hardware, tensioner and two ZorbitTM energy absorber. Order sleeve & additional intermediates separately
  • Unique one-piece sleeve bypasses intermediates & freely moves where you have to work
  • Unique brackets can be installed above, even with or below the user

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