This is an excellent example of a system which combines a tube furnace, gas control equipment and mechanical modifications. The tube furnace and its integral extraction hood are mounted on wheels and can be moved along the quartz work tube. The rails for the wheels are mounted on the support frame. Mass flow controlled gas supplies are fed into the work tube through end seals together with probe thermocouples. It is used for long term corrosion testing of turbine blades.
•  Siemens TP 177B HMI colour touch screen control system with temperature display, gas control and alarm display
•  Gas control through mass flow controllers connected to the Siemens control system with flow range 0 to 10 litres per minute
•  Mixed gases pass through a humidifier with a maximum flow rate of 4 litres per minute. Deionised water supply required
•  Hydrogen and carbon monoxide flow interlocked to furnace temperatures above 750°C. Override key switch is provided
•  Heavy gauge APM wire heating element cassette suitable for 1300°C operation