CT3™ Texture Analyzer

Compression and tension testing for rapid QC analysis

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An extensive history and customer input have contributed to the development of the most powerful, low cost, stand-alone Texture Analyzer ever produced.
With six test modes (plus calibration check) and a wide choice of accessories, no other texture analyzer has ever done so much without requiring a computer and software!

•  Standard Test Modes
Normal Test : a single compression cycle
Hold Time Test : compress and hold
Cycle Count Test : compress multiple times
Bloom Test : gelatin bloom strength test
TPA Test : texture profile analysis
Tension Test : tensile testing
Surimi Test : gel strength
Static Load Test : calibration check
•  Texture Loader Software allows up to ten custom tests and ability to lock parameters
•  Compression distance up to 10cm, can accommodate sample up to 22.5cm, almost 9 inches tall. Probe shaft is 8cm from back wall.
•  Choice of Load Cells 7 measurement ranges up to 50kg
•  Choice of Base Tables allows for larger samples and more accessory choices

Choose Rotary Base or Fixture Base Table as shown below:

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