The economical, accurate method of checking viscosity

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•  It provides a single parameter for a variety of flow tests which can be carried out over any period under as near identical conditions as possible.
•  It uses little bench space yet is probably the simplest, most accurate method of conducting a variety of flow associated tests.
•  It is already widely used in the chemical, paint, cosmetic and food processing industries.
•  The Consistometer is a low cost, durable, instrument for accurately checking laboratory or production samples against consistency, viscosity or flow rate standards.
•  The Consistometer is manufactured from stainless steel engraved with a series of precise graduations at 0.5 cm intervals.
•  To ensure accurate reproducibility the instrument is levelled using the adjustment screws and spirit level.
•  The instrument is sometimes known as a “Bostwick Consistometer”.

•  Available in 2 versions – Standard or Extended
•  Engraved graduations for accurate results
•  Levelling screws and spirit level enable accurate set up
•  Low cost, ease of use
•  Requires up to 100 ml of sample

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