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The Carbolite Gero dental furnace is designed to provide easy sintering of zirconia (yttrium stabilised zirconium oxide) dental crowns and frameworks.

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The furnace is equipped with three robust high-quality heating elements made of silicon carbide. In contrast to many molybdenum disilicide heating elements these are free of any chemical interaction with zirconium oxide.

  Standard features
•  1530°C maximum operating temperature
•  Complete sintering tray & 200 g of zirconium support beads
•  Excellent temperature uniformity and precise temperature control
•  Four program 8-segment 302P4 programmer (8 ramps, 8 dwell times)
•  Optimised for operation from a standard 16A single phase mains supply
•  One litre capacity chamber
•  Uniform heating from non-contaminating silicon carbide elements

  Options (specify these at time of order)
•  Spare sinter trays
•  Spare sinter support beads

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