CAP 1000+™ & CAP 2000+

Cone & Plate Viscometers

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•  Keypad for direct input of test parameters
•  Cone Spindle is easily removed for cleaning
•  Easy–to–Use Control Handle for accurate, automatic cone positioning
•  Designed to handle repetitive testing in production environments with easy setup and cleaning
•  4–Line Display allows simultaneous viewing of all test parameters
•  Choice of instruments :
•  CAP1000+ (single speed)
–  Single speed 750 or 900 rpm instrument, ideal for QC.
–  Optional choice of alternative speed is available upon request.
–  See examples below at 400 rpm and 100 rpm.
•  CAP2000+ (variable speed)
–  Automated PC control (using optional Capcalc32 software).
–  Variable speed 5-1000 rpm instrument ideal for R&D as well as more detailed QC testing.
•  Automatic cone/gap positioning
•  Small sample size less than 1 mL
•  Built-in Peltier Plate for temperature control of sample :
–  L Series: 5°C — 75°C
–  H Series: 50°C — 235°C

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