ATEM Sanitizer Misting Booth

Designed to quickly and effectively disinfect personnel who needs to move between hygiene protection zone and contaminated zone.

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  • Sensor Activated when stepped in
  • Timer Operated Spraying
  • Targeted Spraying from Top and Sides
  • Efficient dispensing – 6000 Sprays before
    the need to replenish disinfectant
  • Stainless Steel Frame
  • Acrylic Curtain


  • Economic General Purpose Type
  • Stainless Steel Frame Fabrication
  • Wall Acrylic and Plastic Curtain
  • MS Borders Finished Coating covered by Rubber
    Carpet for Flooring
  • Weight : 85kgs
  • External Dimension :
    1000mm W x 1000mm D x 2200mm H

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