Air Sizer 200

Perfect instrument to quickly provide sieving of powdered materials.

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The new Air Sizer 200 is ideal for sieving very fine dry particles, which require efficient dispersion and desagglomeration via air jet technology (e.g. electrostatic material).

•  An Endecotts “Premium” air jet sieve of the appropriate aperture size is placed in the airtight mounting plate bracket and a lid is placed on top of the sieve.
•  The incoming air creates a wave within the sample helping to fluidise the sample and clear any blocked apertures.
•  To create a continuous flow, positive pressure air is drawn into the sieve through a channel in a rotating arm placed immediately below the microplate or sieve mesh.
•  Vacuum is applied to the chamber beneath the sieve drawing air out of the sieve through the apertures and carrying with it any undersize particles.
•  Any undersize sample is discharged into the vacuum unit.

•  Advanced air jet technology for fine particles, usable for dry material of 20 μm upwards
•  Adjustable nozzle speed, 5 – 55 rpm
•  Air flow fluidises and helps to separate sample
•  Extremely efficient & fast sieving times
•  Ideal for electrostatic materials
•  Maintenance-free
•  Pre filter unit & industrial vacuum available as accessories
•  Sieving action keeps apertures clear

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