Air Probe w/ Shield/Clip

Model #: 50302-K


•  Available in Type J, K, and T
•  Probe features a SS shield that protects sensor. Clip for easy mounting

NOTE : Not recommended for food service

   Product Specifications
  Temperature Range        32°F to 896°F (0°C to 480°C)
  Max Tip Temperature        896°F (480°C)
  Max Cable Temperature        896°F (480°C)
  Response Time        10 seconds in 5 m/sec air stream
  Shaft Length        2.125″ (54 mm)
  Shaft Diameter       .25″ (6 mm)
  Tip Diameter       .25″ (6 mm)
  Cable Length        46.5″ (1.2 m)
  Cable Material        fiberglass outer jacket

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