•  A series of digital data acquisition recorders which can function as stand-alone paperless recorders or with more advanced models can be integrated into computer networks.
•  All have the capability to archive data via USB flash memory devices or onto a networked server using Ethernet FTP or Modbus TCP (although the 6100E is Slave configuration only).
•  6100 series data recorders have a 5.5” TFT touch screen interface whilst the 6180 series data recorders have a 12.1” TFT touch screen interface.
•  The 6100 XIO and 6180 XIO data recorders record digital data and so must be used with controllers that are equipped with digital communications.
•  This overcomes potential issues from the attenuation of analogue signals over distance.
•  The 6180 AeroDAQ is a recorder configuration that has been optimised for AMS2750E (Nadcap) applications and includes thermocouple monitoring.

Always confirm with Carbolite Gero that your preferred data recorder can be fitted within the standard furnace case, alternatively a stand-alone cabinet may be required. The following software options are available for use with the 6100 A, 6100 XIO and 6180 series data recorders for the 6100 series (these options are not compatible with the 6100 E model):
•  Batching
•  Grouping
•  Screen Builder
•  Bridge Software