6″ HACCP Refrigerator & Freezer Thermometer

Model #: 255-14


•  Its handy swivel bracket mounts easily to the wall allowing and increasing employee awareness while monitoring temperatures
•  It has a HACCP reference color-zoned dial and a large black pointer for ease in viewing
•  The 255-14 Refrigerator Freezer thermometer is brightly colored and features a 6″ / 152.4 mm diameter dial

   Product Specifications
  Mounting        Aluminum Bracket
       HACCP Referenced (colored zone dial)
  Temperature Range       -10° to 80°F (-20° to 25°C)
  Temperature Accuracy       ±2F° (±1°C)
  Dial Diameter        6″ (152.4 mm) Dial
  Weight        Individual Package Weight: 4.34 oz. (123 grams)

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