3M Versaflo TR-300

A comfortable, comprehensive approach to worker protection


Each system has three easy-to-select modules — headgear, breathing tubes and air sources — that can be combined into dozens of system configurations. This allows Versaflo system users to experience maximum flexibility as they move from one environment to another, or from one application to the next.

Features and Benefits :

Designed for Optimal Usability
• Air inlet design helps make sitting posibble without compromising airflow intake
• Filter cover window allows for easy identification of the installed filter
• Intuitive user interface – blue components represent user interface points
• LED lights on the battery indicate charge status on & off the charger

Easy to Use

• Battery and airflow alarms Simple, one-button operation Intelligent Power
• Intelligent chargers help maintain the optimum battery performance
• Lightweight lithium ion battery quickly charges & has no memory effect or heavy metals

Reliable Protection
• Sophisticated electronics keeps the factory-calibrated airflow at a nominal 190 lpm (6.7 CFM) Straightforward Maintenance
• Battery & filter can be charged quickly and easily
• The belt & blower unit have smooth outer surfaces for easier cleaning

Thin, light & small

• Easy of use in tight spaces
• Improved comfort
    Typical Application
• Cutting, Grinding, Infection control, Powder handling, Pulverizing & Sawin


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