In many industrial facilities, there are structures that may require regular maintenance.  This type of activities may require worker access to area where there is a high risk of fall. In such situation, it is preferable to have some kind of fixed fall protection system to be installed.

At Polyscientific, we have a team specialized in designed install fixed fall protection system.  We have had many experiences in installing and service various vertical and horizontal life line systems that offer a wide range of protection and safety at height needs.

Polyscientific have  extensive experience in installing various types of systems, including some complex system.

  1. Carry out calculations and installations for everything from roofs, exteriors, masts, machine chimneys and overhead walkways.

  2. Teams of professional designer and installer certified by our principals

  3. Provide after sales inspection

  4. Extensive testing and support equipment to ensure the right kind of installation is being conducted.

Below we have listed the most common types of fall protection systems. That being said, every workplace is unique and we adjust our solution to suit your work environment. Do not hesitate to contact our sales department at info@polyscientific.com.my

Off Shore vertical system

Application: Installation of vertical lifeline on offshore platform.

Powder Chemical Silo

Application: Install vertical lifeline system on chemical storage silo access ladder.


Application: Installation of horizontal lifeline on lift crane for maintenance.

Vertical Ladder System

Application: Installation of vertical Lifeline system on water tank access ladder.

Rooftop Horizontal Lifeline

Application: Installation of horizontal lifeline for chimney servicing and repairs work.