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The Company

At the present moment, our company is the largest supplier of industrial chemicals in Southern Malaysia. In line with our objective to provide quality products and services to our customers, we are one of the first to complete a comprehensive range of MSDS in 1999, in line with OSHA CPL regulation.

With a prospect and vision to grow, our head office at 272, 273 & 274, Taman Asean, Melaka housed a R & D laboratory for product research and quality control. Our main warehousing is situated at the Alor Gajah Industrial Estate. With the growth of our business and to serve our customers in the Klang Valley and Penang better, the company also operates a branch office in Shan Alam and Penang.

The company has a well organized structure with a trained customer service team to attend to customer needs. Each department as shown in our Organizational Chart is organized into Sales & Marketing, Accounts, Operation and warehousing and Technical department. In an effort to reduce cycle time, in 1999, the company established a network based system computerizing key business processes to handle day to day operation.

As a commitment to establish a quality system for customer satisfaction, we achieved ISO 9001 in year 2008.

The company’s senior management has 22 years experience in the trading of Chemicals and Equipment business to support customers with specific inquiries. Our safety division currently have two qualified safety to better advise customers on compliance to the OSHA regulations.

The company is looking into future growth into other area that are related to its core business including researching new products for a wide range of applications. We are also looking into developing new services that offer technical advise and training to companies and expanding product range in our Safety Equipment Division.

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