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Vertical Lifeline Systems or Vertical systems are fall protection systems in which flexible stainless steel cables are stretched between at least two points. In the event of a fall, the rope grab automatically engages the vertical lifeline and locks, arresting the fall and potentially saving a life. A Vertical Lifeline is integrated within a ladder.

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Vertical Systems

DBI Sala 5000335

Lad-Saf™ Rope Grab (Auto)

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DBI Sala 6100090

Standard Bottom Bracket

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DBI Sala 6100400

Lad-Saf™ Cable Guide

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DBI Sala 6110063

Lad-Saf™ Cable Lifeline

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DBI Sala 6116280

Standard Top Bracket

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DBI Sala 6160030

X2 Detachable Cable Sleeve

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