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Skin Protection and Care products are intended to clean the skin by removing dirt, oil, and prevent condition that cause skin dryness. The incomparable breadth of the Deb Stoko® washroom hygiene products addresses the skin care requirements and preferences of all end users to provide for effective skin health in the workplace. To address the threat of occupational skin disease and the spread of infection, the Deb Stoko® range is organized into 4-step categories to create an integrated skin care and hand hygiene approach.



Pre-work skin protection creams to help protect the skin against contact with various workplace contaminants, irritants and working conditions. They also make the skin easier to clean.

  • Universal Creams - for protection against multiple contaminant types e.g. oil & water-based substances
  • Specialist Creams - for protection against specific hazards e.g. water-based solutions, adherent substances, oil-based contaminants, UV rays, cold environments


Products designed to provide the appropriate level of performance to address specific cleansing needs and keep skin in a healthy condition.

  • Washroom Cleansers - foaming soaps and shower gel/lotions
  • Antibacterial Cleansers - soaps for providing a higher level of hygiene
  • Light Cleansers - for removing general industrial soils from hands and body
  • Medium & Heavy Cleansers - for removing heavy and ingrained industrial soils
  • Super Heavy Cleansers - for removing very heavy and ingrained industrials soils
  • Ultra Cleansers - for removing specialist types of soils


For use in healthcare, food handling and any other work environment or public area where a higher level of hand hygiene is required.

  • Alcohol Hand Sanitizer- alcohol based foam hand sanitizer for use without water
  • Non-alcohol Hand Sanitizer - non-alcohol based foam hand sanitizer for use without water


Products for use after-work to help maintain the skin in healthy condition, keeping it strong, supple and avoiding dryness.

  • Light Restore - for use on normal skin types/condition
  • Medium Restore - for use on dry & stressed skin types/condition
  • Heavy Restore - for use on very dry & stressed skin types/condition

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