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Horizontal Lifeline Systems or Horizontal Systems, also known as HLL systems, are utilized in many of the fall arrest and fall restraint systems. Horizontal lifelines are common fall protection solutions in work areas that lack existing anchor points for personnel tie–off. In simplest form, the horizontal lifeline consists of a cable attached to two or more anchor points on a roof-top, crane runway, bridge or outdoor construction site, or any other elevated work area that poses a fall risk to personnel. A horizontal lifeline can be positioned at the base of the structure (e.g., a roof), overhead (e.g., a gallows style system commonly used for railcar and truck load/unloading applications), or somewhere in-between these points (e.g., a crane rail application).

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Horizontal Systems

DBI Sala 7605060

EZ-Line™ Retractable Horizontal Lifeline System

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DBI Sala Pour-In-Place Horizontal Lifeline Systems

The Pour-in-Place Securaspan™ System installs to column ...

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DBI Sala Sayfline Cable/Synthetic Horizontal Lifeline Systems

Cable lifeline / Kernmantle rope lifeline with tensioner & ...

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DBI Sala Sayfline Multi-Span Horizontal Lifeline Systems

Multi-Span Sayfline System is a simple and safe ...

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DBI Sala Securaspan Horizontal Lifeline Systems

There are Securaspan™ I-Beam, Securaspan™ Rebar/Shear Stud ...

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DBI Sala Securaspan System Components

Available in I-Beam System Components, Perpendicular I-Beam ...

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