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Confined spaces are often narrow and constricting, preventing easy access by rescuers. Confined space rescue is a subset of technical rescue operations that involves the rescue and recovery of victims trapped in a confined space or in a place only accessible through confined spaces, such as underground vaults, storage silos, storage tanks, or sewers. There is a warning label on a storage tank, indicating that it is a confined space.

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Confined Space Rescue

DBI Sala 3400923

3-way Sealed-Blok™ Self Retracting Lifelines, 3/16"(5mm) ...

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DBI Sala 8000000

Advanced Aluminium Tripod

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DBI Sala 8102009

Salalift™ II Winch, 3/16" (5mm) Galvanized Steel Cable, ...

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DBI Sala 8518561

Advanced Digital Winch

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DBI Sala 8520777

Pole Hoist Accessories

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DBI Sala 8530254

Advanced Side Entry Tank Mount System

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DBI Sala Extendable Pole Hoist

It has a unique swivel head that rotates 360 degrees, ...

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