•  Comprises three seperate components to be purchased individually
•  Convenient kit for slide staining, storage and transportation

  Black Polyacetal Trough (SWM016)
•  Broad temperature range of -100 to +120ºC
•  Good to excellent chemical resistance

  Black Polyacetal Rack (SWM018)
•  Fits snugly into the trough whilst the folding handle permits closure of the trough lid during staining
•  Has a folding handle for transfer and immersion of slides
•  Slotted and numbered for 25 slides

  Black Polystyrene Storage Box (SWM020)
•  Complete with push-fit lid
•  Designed to accommodate four of the above racks
•  Dimensions – 190 x 170 x 38mm
•  Has numbered index sheets for reference
•  The box with four racks can be used to store or transport up to 100 slides
•  The lid closes tightly with the rack handles down
CAUTION : Polyacetal is resistant to alcohol although it is not suitable for phenol