Miller SafEscape™ ELITE

150ft SafEscape ELITE Wind Energy Kit w/Humidity-Resistant Case


Benefits: Ensure the safety of the people working at height
•   Enhanced safety in the harshest conditions.
•   Greater cost-savings: recertification required only after seven years.
•   Lightweight and compact design.
•   Optional hoisting wheel and/or ladder bracket available.
•   Global solution-meets all applicable safety standards worldwide.

Material: Engineered to comply with the most rigorous testing methods
•   High-quality anodised aluminium housing.
•   Centrifugal brake controls the descent and reduces vibration.
•   Descent loads possible from 30kg – 250kg (2 people).
•   Rope length 20-200 m as standard descent capacity (up to 500 m on request).
•   Descent is quick (1m/s) and smooth.
•   Use in an emergency by 2 people weighing up to 250kg.

Conforms to EN 341:2011


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