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Ultrasonic Cleaning Units

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The sum of all possibilities
•  Autostart temperature-controlled/temperature pre-selection
•  Dry run proof ceramic heating
•  Electronic time and heating control
•  High-performance transducer systems
•  Improved cleaning performance with Sweep
•  Quick degassing with Autodegas/Degas
•  Safety switch-off

  The Elmasonic S ultrasonic units offer every available technical feature. Ultrasound cleans everywhere the cleaning liquid can go.

•  Dental laboratory :
–  Cleaning of instruments, removal of cement and plaster; cleaning of dental mould spoons, drills and prostheses.
–  Cleaning of dentures,crowns and other prosthetic materials.
•  Industry :
–  Cleaning in the mechanics, electronics and glass industries, automobile parts production and plating or other surface refinement processes.
–  Gentle and intensive cleaning of items made of steel, light and non-ferrous metals, plastics and glass.
•  Jewellery :
–  Cleaning and brightening up of gold, silver, platinum and fancy jewellery.
–  Cleaning of precious, semiprecious and set stones.
•  Laboratory :
–  It is particularly suitable for the cleaning of laboratory instruments made of glass, plastic or metal.
–  Elmasonic S units degas HPLC solutions, mix, disperse, emulsify and dissolve specimens.
•  Medical sector :
–  Thorough cleaning of surgical, medical and of micro-instruments without causing damage to the material; or cleaning of rigid endoscopes and flexible endoscopic accessories.
•  Optics :
–  Cleaning of complete glasses and optics. Intensive cleaning of spectacle pads and joints.
•  Watch sector :
–  Cleaning of watch cases, mechanical parts and metal bracelets. Cleaning of clockworks.
•  Workshop and service :
–  Intensive cleaning with alkaline, acid and neutral elma clean products in the workshop, for service works, for the final cleaning and for conditioning for coating.
Special Functions and Advantages
The Elmasonic S units are available in 17 dif- ferent sizes, ranging from 0.5 up to 90 litres. They are equipped with efficient 37 kHz ultrasonic high-performance transducers of the latest generation.

•  Elmasonic S ultrasonic units in proven Elma quality “Made in Germany“.
•  For safety reasons, the unit automatically switches off after 12 hours.
•  The Degas function allows a quicker de-gassing of the cleaning liquid. Another advantage is the time-controlled “Autode- gas” function for the efficient
degassing of freshly mixed cleaning liquids.
•  The removable mains cable with mains plug allows easy and safe transportation (except S 450H and S 900H).
•  The cleaning process can be switched on by hand or automatically (temperature-controlled).
•  With the temperature turning knob the tem- perature can be set between 30° and 80°C in steps of 5°. Both set and actual temperature of the liquid are
indicated by LED display (except S 10/H).

Ultrasonic technology, accessories and cleaning chemicals all from one source
The Elma cleaners have been specially designed for the use in ultrasonic baths and are adjusted to the various cleaning tasks of the different business branches.

•  Acid-proof tanks or Hostalen tanks
•  Baskets for all unit sizes
•  Beakers
•  Electric hot air dryer
•  Immersion baskets made of Hostalen or stainless steel
•  Instrument holder or test tube rack
•  Instrument holder for 1 litre solvent flasks HPLC
•  Plastic cover, except S 450H & S 900H
•  Stainless-steel cover with openings for 1 or 2 beakers

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